Solar Battery Storage Perth

Energy Support That You Can Bank On

Introducing the ultimate storage solution for your sustainable energy strategy.

At West Coast Solar, we offer the power of true bankability to our customers. That means that as well as exceptional installations and amazing aftercare, we’re also on-hand to help you make the most out of the clean energy you produce. As a Clean Energy Council accredited company, we have the knowledge, expertise, and background to deliver state-of-the-art storage for your energy banks.

Alongside a comprehensive portfolio of balanced solutions for solar energy, West Coast Solar also ensures that you can store your additional solar power. With WA solar battery storage, you can:

  • Store excess solar energy created through the day for use at night.

  • Access backup power for your home during emergencies.
  • Manipulate time-of-use tariffs to use power at off-peak rates.

  • Sell sustainable power back to the grid at premium rates.

Western Australia Solar Energy Battery Storage

A battery storage solution from West Coast Solar is your opportunity to unlock the true potential of your sustainable power strategy.

your electricity consumption more efficiently, enhance your environmental support, and even make some money too.

Western Australia battery storage services integrate with the latest generation of solar PV solutions. Our battery systems are designed to work seamlessly alongside your bespoke solar system, to store surplus energy generated onsite. In some cases, you can even tap into the excess energy that you generate for help during blackouts and emergencies.

Homeowners and businesses alike can also use their WA solar batteries to generate additional income. Energy companies purchase excess electricity from the grid at a high rate, which means that you can benefit from any solar power you don’t use.

Residential and Business Solar Battery Storage Services

Whether we’re installing solar panels, designing state-of-the-art systems, or offering customer aftercare, West Coast Solar always goes above and beyond. That fact remains true for our battery storage services, which are designed and customised to suit every client.

We’ve worked on turnkey WA solar storage solutions for businesses and domestic buildings alike. Before we install anything onto your property, our CCE approved team conducts a full energy audit, assessing your suitability for PV technology, and the opportunities available. We’ll make sure that you’re getting the best solar solutions around to suit your needs, with state-of-the-art equipment and industry expertise.

What’s more, since we’re a local WA solar company, we know everything there is to know about selling your energy back to the local grid. We’ll act as your guide to the world of solar storage, whether you’re a business building your firm with batteries, or a homeowner turning to storage as part of a wider sustainable energy strategy.

Is Your Solar Strategy Ready for Battery Support?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to solar power.

Here at West Coast Solar, we work alongside companies and individuals from every background looking to take their first steps into the world of renewable energy. Our team’s extensive expertise and background in Western Australia means that we can tell straight away whether you’re suitable for a battery backup system or not.

While almost all solar systems can store energy with the help of a battery inverter, smaller PV systems might not deliver the best return on investment through storage. Fortunately, West Coast Solar will always assess your building and energy potential before starting work, so we can ensure you’re getting the best out of your solar solution. We will:

Assess any existing solar panels

Discuss potential backup and battery options

Re-design your solar strategy for better storage

Provide CCE-approved advice and guidance

Recharge your Renewable Energy Strategy with West Coast Solar

Solar power batteries are an incredible addition to many solar systems.
Used correctly, the right storage device can help you to truly unlock the full benefits of an efficient renewable energy system. However, you’ll need to have the right team by your side to guide you towards success.

Start Your Solar Strategy

Solar power is more accessible today than it’s ever been.

New technology, advanced equipment and support from experts like the ones here at West Coast Solar mean that anyone can discover sustainable energy for themselves. If you’re ready to go green and unlock the power of solar, we’re here to help