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Running a sustainable and stable business doesn’t just mean having the right products and services. You need the right strategy in place to keep your organization running smoothly too. Your company might be ready to stand the test of time, but is your energy plan?

West Coast Solar is the top commercial solar installation company in Perth and throughout Western Australia. Our dedicated team of Clean Energy Council approved experts work alongside you to deliver a custom-made solution to long-term energy management.

With us by your side, you can unlock all the benefits that come with a solar power system, from a better brand reputation to reduced overhead costs.

Why Choose Solar to Power Your Business?

The average business consumers a lot of energy compared to a home. Whether you run a local office, or an industrial company, energy consumption is always greater at a commercial level.

Fortunately, business hours are also usually the hours when the sun is shining. Since your company operates primarily through the day, solar panels can offer a fantastic opportunity to offset your consumption with sustainable energy production.

With the right support, your solar power system can even give you a better ROI than investments in other areas. As an additional source of revenue, the financing arrangements and tax advantages associated with solar panels make PV systems highly appealing.

At West Coast Solar, we work alongside your organization to create a bespoke strategy for cost-efficient energy. Commercial solar opens the door to:

Reduced energy expenses

Access to environmentally-friendly energy

Stronger customer appeal from a better brand reputation

Huge returns on your investment

A smaller carbon footprint

The Financial Benefits of Commercial Solar Power

What if you could run a successful company, and make Western Australia a better place at the same time? That’s the power of solar panels. Accessing a commercial solar array with West Coast Solar means investing in the long-term durability of your company. A commercial solar system will minimise your carbon footprint and show the world that your organisation stands for more than just making a profit. What’s more, with the best commercial solar company in Western Australia by your side, you’ll also be able to reduce your operating costs. Businesses can even work with West Coast Solar to create an additional source of revenue by setting up a “solar farm” where they can sell excess energy back to the grid. A solar farm over 100kW in capacity can create large-scale generation certificates, which provide consistent revenue for commercial property owners.

Your Local Perth WA Commercial Solar Company

So, what can you expect when you team up with West Coast Solar? We know you can’t afford any mistakes when it comes to your business. That’s why we work tirelessly alongside you to create a custom PV installation strategy from scratch. Our certified and experienced commercial team will conduct a full assessment of your organisation, constructing an electricity consumption profile to start our journey together. Once we know how much energy you use, we can help you to design the perfect solar array for your needs, giving you a PV investment that quickly pays for itself. What’s more, we install everything as quickly and cleanly as possible, so your business can keep running as normal during the process. After all, for an Australian company, time is money!

Grow Your Business and Support Western Australia

A solar panel investment in WA is the perfect way to help your business grow and do your part to support Western Australia.

Commercial PV systems can reduce your energy consumption costs by 75%, taking your operating expenses down to an absolute minimum. At the same time, you can boost consumer confidence by letting them know that they’re working with a green brand.

The question is, how do you make sure you’re installing the right solar investment? There’s more to commercial solar power than simply applying the same residential panels to a commercial roof. At West Coast Solar, we don’t give you just another off-the-shelf solution. Our solar systems are custom-designed to suit your business requirements and budget. We’ll give you a complete insight into everything, including:

The inverters, panels and mounting systems you need

The after sales services you can expect from our team

The strategy you can use to get the best benefit out of the WA sun

Our 10-year workmanship warranty

Calculating ROI for Renewable Energy

In any business, it’s important to make sure your investments are paying off.

Here at West Coast Solar, we’ll work with you to deliver the most cost-efficient solar system, with the best possible return on investment. Our detailed energy proposals include in-depth details on the size of your system, the state-of-the-art panels being installed, and more. Because we’re clean-energy certified, you know you’re getting the best service in Western Australia.

Our expert team will even work together with your business to figure out how quickly you can expect to see a return on your investment. After all, we know how much great customer service counts.

Creating a more successful future for your business means investing in a better world for the residents and entrepreneurs of Western Australia.

Discover West Coast Solar and become a part of the WA landscape for years to come. Contact us in Perth today.

Start Your Solar Strategy

Solar power is more accessible today than it’s ever been.

New technology, advanced equipment and support from experts like the ones here at West Coast Solar mean that anyone can discover sustainable energy for themselves. If you’re ready to go green and unlock the power of solar, we’re here to help