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Buying Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation Perth How big does the solar panels system need to be? The size of the solar panel system addresses the amount of energy you need, rather than the physical size of the panels. Occasionally the size of the panels is an issue if there is limited roof space. for most private homes […]

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Sustainable Solar

Solar Energy Perth  Solar energy is important because is it our best renewable energy source. Most other sources of energy such a oil and gas are being steadily used up and will not last forever. A few other sources of energy are renewable, such as wind and hydro. But these cannot be fitted to an […]

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Solar Safety

Commercial Solar Installation There are occasional reports the news about fires caused by faulty solar installations. These reports are misleading, because while the problems do occur they are in fact quite rare. There are far more frequent problems caused by other energy sources. Solar is safe by comparison, and completely safe if the installation is […]

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