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Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Solar Installation Installing solar energy devices can benefit industrial and commercial businesses. They can be installed in business or factory roofs, or on the ground right on their premises. Many companies and business establishments have large or should I say expansive roof areas. We don’t only supply and install solar panels, we understand that […]

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Questions for Solar Energy Providers.

Questions for Solar Energy Providers. Solar energy has always been beneficial, at least in terms of convenience, immunity from power shortages, and reducing environmental impact. But in the past the cost was high. Now, improving technology has made the commercial solar installation easier to achieve and less expensive. But we should be wary of using […]

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iStore Energy Storage

iStore Energy Storage A commercial solar system will almost always have some means of storing energy. The energy gathered from the solar panels during the day is stored for later use at night. Until recently this energy was stored in a solar battery system. But a modern alternative is iStore energy storage. An iStore system […]

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