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Solar Invertors

Types of Solar Inverters Perth Inverters are one of the main components in a solar system installation. An inverter takes the raw DC power from the solar panels and converts it to the Ac power used in our homes. There are a few different types of inverter.   String invertors These are the least expensive type […]

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Common Solar Myths

Solar Panel Installation Perth Solar power is steadily growing in popularity. This is because the technology is improving while the costs have decreased, and the government subsidies also help. We are also more environmentally aware than previous generations, and solar power is a considerable benefit for the environment. Nonetheless some people still hesitate to install […]

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Solar Repairs

Solar Repairs Perth Any electrical or mechanical system may require repairs if used for long enough, or if not properly maintained. Occasionally, damage may occur because of an accident or natural phenomena, like a hailstorm. Solar systems tend to be fairly reliable, but under some circumstances they can suffer damage and need repairs. Repair Solar […]

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