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Best Solar Panels Perth There was some discussion about solar energy before the last election, with claims that the east coast of Australia could learn a few things from the Solar systems being installed in and around Perth. Public Interest in Change More than 200,000 Perth homes have started using a commercial solar system. This


Two Types of Inverter

The inverter is an essential part of a solar system for a house. It tales the raw DC electricity from the solar panels and turns it into the type of AC power that is used in the household electrical supply. Inverters and solar power systems Perth Inverters come in many sizes and types. Often the


Saving Energy, and Money

Electricity bills in Australia seem to keep climbing. Some claim this is due to privatization of the some electrical power systems, but this is misleading. Privatization varies between states, and while some states with privatization have the highest annual running cost (i.e.: South Australia) other states with privatization had a lower than average running cost


Solar Battery Storage

Let’s talk about solar battery power. This alternative source of power is very practical to use. It’s cost-effective and easy to use. Allow me to introduce the best storage solution for your sustainable energy strategy. Here at West Coast Solar, we offer power that you can truly bank on. This means that with regards exceptional


Sine wave and Non-Sine Wave Inverters

Clean solar energy Perth The mains power supply in domestic homes is AC power. This means that the voltage cycles back and forth at regular intervals. In Australia this power cycle is 50 times per second (50Hz), with a voltage of 240 volts RMS. The 50 Hz voltage cycle can take one of several forms.

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