Advantages of Solar

Solar System Installation

Solar for your home has many advantages over other sources of electrical power. The Sun provides so much energy, it is a shame not to use at least some of this energy for our needs.

A renewable energy Source – We will not run our of Solar energy, at least not for thousands of years.

Availability of Solar power – The sun shines on almost all of the Earth for the whole day, the only exception being the polar regions. and while the energy is stronger in some areas than others, and fluctuates with the weather conditions, there is almost always a way to make use of the Sunshine. It is easier in hot deserts, but also possible in most mild conditions areas of the Earth, even in snowy conditions.

Low maintenance – There are no moving parts in solar systems, so there is little wear and tear. The battery may need replacing after a decade. But as long as the panels are cleaned 3 or 4 times per year there is very little to maintain in a home solar system.

Environmentally Sound – The materials in solar panels need to recycled, but that only occurs after about 25 years. Otherwise there is no depletion of natural resources like oil or coal, or virtually no pollution produced by the solar system.

Reduced electricity Costs – Once a home solar system is installed you need not pay for power of the grid. The power is captured on the roof and used inside your home. The main electricity grid need only be used for a backup.

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Immunity to blackouts – Admittedly blackouts are rare, but if the main power system is offline or a day or two the solar system will happily provide power without interruption.

Works in remote Areas – Solar is entirely self contained. So if you have a farm that is a hundred miles from the city, a long way from the main power grid, Solar will work perfectly well. You can install solar system large enough to supply all your energy needs.

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Invest in solar power today and enjoy the low energy bills for years to come. Solar is the environmentally friendly energy source for the future.