Solar System Installation

Solar System Installation

Home Solar energy is a steadily increasing trend. More and more people recognize the advantages of solar. It is environmentally friendly, it does not drain natural resources, and it provides essentially free electricity after it has been installed. It also makes us immune to blackouts. Solar is an investment, but one that soon starts paying for itself.

A home Solar power Installation will consist of of three main sections, each designed to work together. The system should provide sufficient power for your home, day and night.

Solar Panel Company Perth

Solar panels convert the light/energy from the Sun into electrical energy. There are several type of panel on the market today, with most capable of doing an efficient job of converting solar energy if the are fitted to a surface (usually the roof) that receives a decent amount of sunshine. It takes some knowledge to find the optimal place for the panels, but once fitted they will happily work for may years.

Solar Inverter Perth

The solar inverter is needed to convert the DC power of the panels (about 12 volts DC) into the AC power we use in our home (240 volts AC). A good inverter will perform this conversion with minimal loss of energy and output clean AC power that does not damage any sensitive equipment like computers and printers.

Solar Battery Perth

This is needed to store the solar energy captured during the day for use latter at night. Without this we could not power the fridge or any heaters overnight. Solar battery technology has massively improved over recent years, partly because batteries are being used extensively in mobile phones and computers, so modern batteries work quite well provided that fit the requirements of the household.

Solar System Installation

A Solar power company will design a system that suits the requirement of the individual household. This is a great investment for any home.