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An inverter is a part of any solar system. The power produced by solar cells in 12 volts DC, whereas the power used in our home is 240 volt AC. An inverter converts the 12 volt DC (direct current) to 240 volt AC (alternating current), which is what we expect from a Wall power socket in our home.

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An inverter is needed whether the power comes from the battery, which is DC, or directly from the solar panels in the room. The inverter should be rated so as to give sufficient power for a home system during time of maximum use. The battery capacity is one consideration here, but the inverter should never need to supply all the battery power all at once; the power use is spread out during the day. Overestimating the need to either won’t cause any functional problems, though it will raise the cost.

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Inverters supply an AC voltage, which means the voltage level oscillates between two point. 240 mains voltage oscillates between 0 and 240 volts RMS (think of RMS as an average). This oscillation can take a few forms, or more precisely, be one of several wave-forms.

Older inverters oscillated with a square wave, so the voltage jumped between 0 and 240 volts. This is fine for fridges and most electronic equipment, but a few items, like computers and printers, could be damaged by the square wave AC power. So square waves had to be removed from most situations.

Higher quality inverters, including most later technology, gave a sine wave AC 240 volt power signal. This was basically the same as what we have on the mains power system in the home. It have the voltage steadily moving between high and low, rather than transitioning sharply. Home computers and printer work fine with this type of power.

Look for sine wave inverters when have an solar system installed.

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Solar is the steadily rising trend for home power. Be independent of the grid, immune to blackouts, and never pay electricity bills again.