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Batteries are needed is we want to store electrical power for any period of time. We use all manner of batteries in this digital age; almost everybody carries a phone and another personal device.

Most devices with inbuilt batteries work very satisfactorily, at least for a few years. the batteries are periodically recharged and the device functions as intended. This is different from the technology a generation or two earlier when disposable batteries were the norm. This earlier technology used far less power, and batteries could be expected to last for months at time, sometimes years. Transistor radios often went for years on small batteries even if used every day. Torches would last longer, though they were used infrequently.

Digital devices changed this in two important ways. Firstly, digital tends to use far more power, so disposable batteries would not last long. We can recharge the phone every day, but we could never afford to buy new batteries every day. Secondly, digital systems expect a certain minimum voltage to work. Older analogue devices could tolerate slightly lower voltages, the torch might get a bit dim, but the device still worked.

Rechargeable batteries vary in type and technology. Some, like Ni-cad or Nickel Metal hydrade will only supply 1.2 volts. This can be a problem for digital equipment that expects exactly 1.5 volts. Analogue equipment wasn’t as fussy, so the performance was only slightly compromised. But digital either the battery was exactly right or the system turned off.

The Batteries we use should work with the level of technology we have. Older designs may no longer be appropriate.

Solar power systems for the home are designed with the battery as an integrated part of the structure. So there should be no issues.

Solar Battery Storage Perth

Solar batteries are an integrated past of the home solar power system. When designed correctly the battery should fully charge over the course of an average day, and provide adequate power once the Sun has set.