What Is Solar?

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Of course Solar energy comes form the Sun. Solar power, which comes in many forms, uses the radiant light or heat form the Sun and converts it into another form
of energy. The type of home solar installation we have on the roof takes the light from the Sun and converts it into electricity. Solar Panels are transducers, converting one form of energy into another, in this case it converts light into electricity.

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The Solar energy from home roof installations does not produce greenhouse gas, a problem experienced when burning coal or petrol. It also require virtually no need of water. This makes ongoing solar operation an environmentally sound energy source. The only environmental factor with solar systems is the recycling of the parts when the system is replaced.

The entire ecosystem on the planet relies directly or indirectly on solar power. It feed the plants and keeps the ocean warm. Even the fossil fuels we use derive from ancient plants that once drew energy from the Sun.

Solar power is truly unlimited. While the weather may fluctuate there will always be solar energy hitting a large part of the Earth’s surface. As long as there is space to install solar panels and a way to store the electricity (if only for a few days) then there is a always plenty of solar energy.

Future Solar System Installation

Future projections for solar include lowering cost, a trend that has continued for several years. And it will continue to provide safe reliable power.