Avoid Shading

Solar System Installation

A solar panel will make use of the Sun’s rays during the day. But the Solar Power Installation will be compromised if there is shading over the panels. A common misconceptions that partial shading does not effect the power being generated by the panels. Yet, depending on the system, the shading can have a significant effect.

If there is one large inverter doing the entire system then shading over a single panel can reduce the total power output by 10 to 20%.

If there are microinvertors for each panel than shading over a single solar panel will only affect that one panel’s power output. The other panels will not be affected, so there will only by a slight loss of overall energy.

Partial shading can cause overheating in some systems. If part of a panel is shaded there will be a temperature difference between different sections, and a voltage difference. This can lead to overheating, though it is rare.

So for various reasons it is best to avoid shading over all solar panels. If the solar panels are installed in a place where there is no overhanging trees or shade from other buildings then there should be little to no trouble.

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