Getting the Most from Solar

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Home solar is the best option in so many situation. If you invest in a solar power system today you receive free energy for years to come.

Of course there are ways to optimist the use of solar system installation to get the best, most economical results.

Monitor the use of Energy

Look at when and how you are using electricity in the household, and which appliances use the most energy.

Then plan to use high drain appliances during the daylight hours when there is plenty of solar power, rather than at night when you have to use power from the battery.

Some devices offer no option about use. We watch television when the program is scheduled, and cook dinner at a certain time. But we can schedule clothes washing and pool cleaning during midday hours.

Spread out use of devices.

Solar panels can produce a fair amount of power, but not an infinite amount. So we should avoid a situation where we are using all the appliances in our home all at the one time.

If we know how much power each appliance tends to use then we can plan accordingly. Use the dishwasher after the vacuuming and before activating the pool filter.

Energy efficient Devices

Some devices use more power than we realize. Plasma TVs were a popular item a decade ago, till people realized that they used considerably more than other televisions. Power bills when up accordingly. the public then started buying LCD TVs, which used less power.

Fridges have energy ratings. A better rating, meaning lower power consumption, makes all the difference. The energy saving in one year more than makes up for the price of a better fridge.

Solar System Installation

Maintain your solar system for the best performance. Solar installations require far less maintenance than most other equipment. If we clean the panels of dirt and dust every few months, and have the system checked by a professional every year, then everything should operate well. Dirty panels can mean 5-10% less power generated, which may be enough to leave us short at the end of the day.

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Solar is the clean energy source of the future. Install solar now to generate free electrical power for years to come.