Worthwhile Solar

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Solar power is a good option for any home that has a roof that receives sunlight. The situation is made even more attractive with government subsidies and solar feed-in tariffs.

In 2019 about 300 000 Australian homes installed solar systems.

The best way to make use of a solar power system is to use the energy as it is being generated during the day. Energy can be stored in a solar battery for latter use at night. But it is best to use the energy during the day, to run the dishwasher, pool filter, and other appliances, than to store the energy and do these same tasks latter. This prevents a situation where the battery runs low, and we are forced to purchase energy from the main power grid.

If we purchase power from the grid we pay $0.25 per kilowatt or more. This is far more costly than power from a solar power system. On the other hand if we have excess power being generated by our home solar panels we can export this for a small profit.

The cost of installing solar power looks to be quite stable for the time being. Perhaps the only issue in early 2020 is the higher unemployment and lack of funds for some households, due to the Coronavirus lockdown. But Solar is still an attractive option for those who have the money to invest.

The cost of solar power installation was higher back in 2010, but the government incentives were quite good. This helped keep the cost down. Both the costs of installation and the government incentives fell around 2014, but this tended to keep the end cost stable, if not lower than before. And households continued to install solar. This looks to be the trend for the foreseeable future.

In many cases a larger capacity system was installed (5kw instead of 2kw) in 2014 for the same cost as a lower capacity of only a few years earlier. Many statistics skip over this factor, that the new systems a higher powered. Even as the prices stabilize the technology, and the capacity of the solar systems, improves.

Solar Power Company

Solar power systems remain increasingly affordable, and investment that saves money in the long term.