Solar Today and the Future

Solar Panel Installation Perth

Solar and other renewable energy sources like wind power have been steadily increasing over the years. It has long been predicted that they will become the main source of energy, being cheaper to run once the installation cost is covered. In some place, like the USA, renewable energy sources should be providing about 21% of the power in the community. This is just over double what it was a decade ago in 2010.

While this increased use of solar is close to expectations some other industry trends are doing the opposite of what might have been predicted.  Coal and gas use have gone done recently. And this is not just because solar and wind power have taken some of their share of the market. Oil prices have fallen, which we might think would increase their use. But the prices fell because they are being used less. This is a threat to the oil companies who may struggle to stay in business.

The Coronavirus is a big factor here. When people stay at home because of lock-down they use far less fuel. And closing businesses means less energy being used. One of the maim places where energy is still being used is at home, but this is still less than what was previously used at work. The cost of working from home is less than the cost of transport and the energy use in offices and industries. Many people working/studying from one home uses only slight more energy than one person working from that home.

Of course employment is difficult right now. Many are out of work, or have reduced hours, so there is less money coming in. But this is one situation where renewable energy like solar works well. There are no power bills to pay, so that is one less living cost. Solar that has been paid for upfront mean no more bills for the life of the solar system.

Solar Panel Installation Perth

Solar is an investment in both the personal future, providing energy for your home, and in the long term production of renewable power for the planet. Look at solar options for your home.