How Solar Batteries Are Being Used.

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Batteries are all but essential for solar systems. They store the energy from the panels during the daylight hours for use latter on. Without them we would have no energy after dusk, which is the very time we need lights, and probably power for cooking. Batteries provide the solar power, often when we need it the most.

But are batteries optimized for peak performance? There might be a way to set the Solar power system up for better operation.

In all cases the home solar battery is charges during the day. This is usually a time when there are fewer people at home, so energy use is low. So most of the energy from the solar panels is being used to charge the battery, with the rest of the energy used for the fridge and a few household appliances.

A situation we would want to avoid is where the solar battery becomes full charged part way through the day. It means there is now solar energy being produced by the panels that is not being used. In some cases this in exported to the main grid for a small profit. In other cases the excess energy is simply not used.

This isn’t too bad, as long as we don’t run out of battery power later that night. If we have a sufficently large battery, and enough time to charge it, then there should be no problem. If the battery isn’t being charged in time, or if it doesn’t fully charge during some seasons of the year, then we may need to add more panels.

Some industry experts think battery charging and export of power should be combined in a way that smooths out the use of the energy; we could export energy to the grid and charge the battery during the day, and then use a combination of the grid and battery at night.

A helpful factor here is timing the use of electrical equipment. we could have pool pumps on a timer to only be used in the afternoon, when the battery is already charged and there is little energy demand elsewhere. Dishwashers, mobile phone charging and other appliances could also be timer to be used during the off peak afternoon.


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Solar power systems will provide clean energy for your home, with virtually no cost after installation. We do well to design a system that even stores and uses energy in an efficient manner.