Common Solar Myths

Solar Panel Installation Perth

Solar power is steadily growing in popularity. This is because the technology is improving while the costs have decreased, and the government subsidies also help. We are also more environmentally aware than previous generations, and solar power is a considerable benefit for the environment.

Nonetheless some people still hesitate to install panels because of a few misconceptions.

There are a few myths about Solar Panels.


Some people thinks that solar panels require a fair deal of maintenance. This is mostly untrue. Under normal conditions they actually require very little maintenance. Often they just need cleaning every few months.

Areas that suffer regular bad weather, like hail storms, may end up with damaged panels. But in most cases this is rare.

Sunlight and energy

It is a misconception that heat creates the energy in solar panels. It is the sunlight, not the heat produces by the sunlight, that is used. Some people mistakenly think that solar will not work in cold climates. But this is false. They colder areas may need more panels to collect enough energy, but solar is still a good option in these situations.

Solar damages the roof.

Not at all. The solar panels become a new part of the roof. A professional installer will not damage the roof, just upgrade it with your new power system.

Power at night

Most solar systems will include a heavy duty battery system. This is an option for all solar power systems. This battery stores energy generated during the day so it can be used overnight.

If your energy reserves do run low it is possible to use the main power grid as a backup. But more often you will find you have an energy surplus, and in the past this has actually been sold back to the main grid.