Solar Repairs

Solar Repairs Perth

Any electrical or mechanical system may require repairs if used for long enough, or if not properly maintained. Occasionally, damage may occur because of an accident or natural phenomena, like a hailstorm. Solar systems tend to be fairly reliable, but under some circumstances they can suffer damage and need repairs.

Repair Solar Panel Perth

Being exposed to the elements up on the roof of a building we would imagine that solar panels are prone to damage. But really, the risk is overestimated.

Solar panels can be damaged by hail. But modern panels are more resistant to hail damage than panels of a generation ago. Only violent storms and large hail will cause problems. In these cases a panel or two may need to be replaced.

Smaller solar panels have an advantage for hail damage, as only a small section of the installation needs replacing.

Falling tree branches can damage solar panels. Keeping trees clear of the home will greatly reduce the risk of this type of damage.

Home insurance usually, but not always, covers damage to solar panels.

Water leaks

Panels are sealed to proven moisture when the are manufactured. And this is checked on installation. But over time this sealing can suffer in the heat and sunlight.

Sealing on panels and electrical wiring should be periodically checked and maintained to prevent water damage.

Solar Inverter Perth

The solar inverter is probably the most complex piece of equipment in a solar system. And many solar systems are designed so that the inverter is just adequate for supplying the home’s electrical needs. This means the inverter is often at full capacity for at least part of the day. So over time it will start to wear out.

Often fault in the system that seem to be the inverter is actually a fault located elsewhere. The inverter is designed to shut down if it detects a fault, as a safely measure. This is to prevent a small fault from causing more damage. In some cases the inveter just needs to be reset because of a power surge. Or there may be a wireing or panel fault elsewhere in the system.

Solar Installers Perth

Of course the Solar system most in need of repairs will always be the one that was poorly designed and installed. If the workmanship was lacking, or if the system was just too small for the home’s requirements, then sooner or later the system will need repairs or replacement parts.

Solar installer company in Perth

Have your home solar system installed by reputable professionals and any problems will be few and far between.