Monitoring Solar Energy Perth

Monitoring Solar Energy Perth

it is becoming more common to have monitoring on home solar systems. This will show how much power you are suing over the course of the day, how much power you may have left, how much power you have used form the main electrical grid, and perhaps some other useful information. If you are selling power back to the grid it will show you this as well.

Monitoring will display the relevant information to the homeowner. It may also pass information back to the supplier, who can check to see that all it functioning well. This is important as the supplier can see any faults, or potential faults in the making, and address these quickly. Should you solar system display some bad symptoms the supplier can advise you, and arrange repairs, before you have a power outage. These type of faults are quite rare, but it is good to keep an eye on things.

You might be advised if:

  • One of the many micro-inverters on the solar panel system is faulty
  • If the battery is not getting a full charge.
  • If the panels are producing less energy than expected.
  • If you are using power from the main grid, when this is not necessary.
  • If you are getting in the habit os using more power than expected.

These type of monitoring facilities are becoming increasingly linked to smartphones and other technology. You can get a text of email if there is a change in the systems performance, of to advise it is time for regular maintenance. It might be as simple as a tree branch shading your panels, so you need to do some trimming. Or you might notice that your power consumption is starting to exceed your system’s capabilities, or your battery is getting old.

Solar battery storage Perth

The solar battery stores the energy produced during the day for use at night. This battery is one aspect of the system that probably need replacing after a decade or so. The panels will last for 20 years before they start to show signs of wear, loosing some efficiency. The cabling will last for much longer. But a battery may only last half this time.

Plan to replace your solar battery after about a decade.

Commercial solar power Perth

The Solar power company should offer monitoring as an option when designing and installing a home solar system. This is worth while. It is more expensive to retrofit this latter on.

Solar systems will be integrated with smart technology, so we will get the most out of the systems that we have, or know how to make changes for the better.