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Industry Trends Solar panels Perth

As technology develops and society progresses we find more and more ways to make use of solar derived power. Sometimes this is because of improved designs, sometimes it is because we find new way to make use of what we already have.

Agricultural Solar Energy Perth

Commercial solar installation on farms has become more commonplace. Agricultural land is often far from the city power grid, so it makes sense that farm owners would prefer to generate their own power. Solar is the obvious choice.

An unexpected effect on this is not the increased power on farm land, but sometimes improved crops. Some crops, from corn to tomatoes, actually do better with intermittent shade. The array of panels above farmland can provide this intermittent shade, all while continually generating energy. Shade can be good for livestock too. There is no rule that says solar panels must be installed on pre-existing roofs. So solar panels on sturdy metal frames work well on agricultural land, generating power and providing shade.

Alternatively, if the farmers are connected to the main power grid they can provide and sell the energy they produce during the off season.

Floating Commercial Solar Power Perth

Floating solar panels are a reasonably recent concept. These are systems that float in a body of water. This allows power generation in areas that could otherwise not be used for solar, like wastewater holding areas.

Floating solar power systems could be used in mining areas (which may have large areas of wastewater) or harbor areas that lack the land space for large solar systems.

BiFacial Solar Power Installation

Bifacial solar panels have energy producing cells on both sides of the panel. These harvest more energy than single sided panels, and maintain it for a longer portion of the day.

The bificial solar panels could be mounted vertically to collect energy as the Sun moves across the sky. They can also be mounted horizontally above the ground so that the bottom side of the panel receives reflected sunlight.

Bifacial panels will cost more ,as they are effectively two solar panels. But they also save space, requiring less footprint than two individual panels.

As these new types of solar panels become widely used, especially in industrial/commercial areas, to the manufacturing cost will be reduced, as the items can be produced in larger quantities. The advanced commercial panels and techniques of today can soon be the standard for our home solar systems.

Solar Power Company

Solar power is the cost effective technology of the near future. Both home systems and large commercial operations can benefit from solar energy systems.