Buying Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation Perth

How big does the solar panels system need to be?
The size of the solar panel system addresses the amount of energy you need, rather than the physical size of the panels. Occasionally the size of the panels is an issue if there is limited roof space. for most private homes this is roof space is rarely an issue.

The average home needs about 20kWh of energy per day (20 Kilowatt Hours). This can be provided by a 5kW solar system.
A home that continually runs air conditioning during the day will require more power.

A 5kW solar system will cost about $5000 – $6000. Government rebates will reduce this cost.

A solar power system means you no longer need to pay for electricity from the power grid, at least during the day. You will still need to pay for power at night if you do not have a solar battery.

Because you are saving money on electricity bills the solar system starts to pay for itself. Depending on where you live the solar system will have paid for itself after 5 – 10 years. Less if you don’t have a battery for night time use.

Check list for Solar Panel Installation.

Assess how much energy your household needs.
Solar panels work best when facing the Sun. As the Sun moves relative to the panel so there will not be optimal efficiency for the entire day. But North facing panels will work quite well for most of the day.
Make sure there are no trees or other building blocking the Sun from the space where the panels will be.
An invertor is the device that takes the solar DC power and converts it to the AC power in the home. Make sure this is large enough to handle your power needs.

Commercial Solar Installation

The professionals will know what best suits your home’s power needs. Have a solar system installed and enjoy years of free electricity.