Solar Efficency

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One often overlooked specification on a solar panel is efficiency. This refers to how much of the Sun’s energy the panel can turn into useful electricity.

If there is 10 watts of solar energy (sunlight) on the surface of a panel, and the panel is 20% efficient, then the will be 2 watts of electricity produced.

No solar panel is perfectly efficient, no item really is. But it is not difficult to build a commercial panel that is about 20% efficient under ideal conditions.

Of course ideal conditions are not there most of the time. This can reduce both the efficiency of the panel, and lower the electrical output in other ways. When the sun is bright and shining directly on the panel it will produce it full output, or close to it. When there are heavy clouds in the sky the panel receives less sunlight, so it produces less electricity. And while it might still operate at 20% efficiency, this is 20% of a smaller input. Less power in means less power out. When the Sun is low in the sky we will have the same situation.

The efficiency of a solar panel can be compromised by heat. If the panel gets too hot the efficiency may drop slightly. This means that instead of converting 20% of the sunlight into electrical energy it might only turn 19% of the energy. Modern solar panel technology can largely compensate for this temperature dependent effect. Often it goes unnoticed as the panel only get hot in sunny weather, and sunny weather means there is already plenty of energy for the panel to work with.

Dirty panels effectively lower the efficiency of the system as there is less sunlight reaching the inside of the solar panel. Regular cleaning of the panels will remove this issue.

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A well designed solar power system will provide adequate electrical energy for 20 years or more. The proves economical in the long term, especially with government subsidies.