Solar Facts

Solar Facts

Solar has steadily become more common, and looks to be one of, if not the, major sources of energy of the future.

Solar energy is the most abundant of any energy source.

There is enough solar energy hitting the earth in our hour to power the planet’s energy needs for a year. Of source we cannot collect all this at one. But it show how much energy is available.

Almost energy is indirectly solar
All of earth’s ecosystems depend on solar energy. All the natural energy we have used for centuries comes from fossil fuel, which were originally derived from plants and living matter in the ecosystem.
Even alternatives like nuclear energy are a little similar to the process that creates solar energy, though the Sun creates solar energy by fusion, where nuclear power plants use fission.

Falling Commercial solar installation Costs
The cost of solar panels has fallen 99% over the last 40 years. a moderate sized commercial operation in the late 1970s cost $77.oo per watt. In 2019 it costs about 25 cents.

Cheaper than Alternatives
The Lowering cost of solar energy means that it is poised to become cheaper than any alternative, including fossil fuels.

Long Term Operation
Individual solar panels are expected to work effectively for about 20 years. But even after this time the rest of the infrastructure can be updated with new panels that should be more efficient than present technology.

China’s Solar Energy
China’s a large country, but even taking this into account they have a huge investment in solar power. They install about 50 Gigawatts of solar power per year, and counting.

More Solar Power Systems
In 2010 about 4% of new power systems were solar. In 2017 nearly 40% of new power installations were solar.

Solar Energy is the Fastest to Deploy
Solar systems can be built on a small scale, enough to power a home, or a large scale, enough for a community. Fossil-fuels cannot be effectively deployed on a small scale, and take a long time to set up. Solar can be set up in a matter of days if the equipment is available.

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