Cool in Summer Heat

Cooler in Summer Heat

The solar energy that we may use to power our home could also be driving us crazy with the heat during the hot summer months. There is something to be said about that energy being used to drive an Air Conditioner, using the sun;s energy to cool down the Sun’s heat. But it helps considerably if we can keep the house cooler in ways that do not drain our energy storage.

Infrared UV Film
A considerable amount of heat gets into the house through the windows. It is like living in a greenhouse.
We can virtually remove this problem by installing Protective film on the windows. This allows natural, visible sunlight inside while greatly reducing the heat from infrared light. they also remove the Ultraviolet light (UV) that causes interior furnishings to fade.

Other Window Coverings.
Blinds or blackout curtains will also reduce heat that comes in via the windows, though these tend to block the light as well. Some white curtains will block heat while letting a reasonable amount of light in.
Planing shady trees over windows is actually effective. And this benefit the environment without using energy.

Old fashioned incandescent lights give off more heat than we realize. They also chew up a lot of power. Modern LED use less power to produce the same amount of light, and produce minimal heat.

Roof Installation
Our roof is directly exposed to the Sun, so it will heat up, and pass the heat into the home. Insulation in the roof will greatly reduce the heat we feel from the Sun.

A non-powered roof exhaust fan was once a popular and cheap way to reduce hot air in the home, but they are old technology and less effective that insulation and even simple fans.

Commercial Solar Power Perth

Solar power is a great way to run your home. And it works best in the summer heat, exactly when we need cooling the most. But we should make things easy on the air conditioning unit by keeping the building well insulated.