Protection Solar Panels

Protection Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Power Perth

Installing solar for your home is a considerable investment, but it is a worthy one. Once you have solar you no longer need to pay for electricity from the mains, so you save money each year on utility bills, which steadily pays off the investment you made. Like any good investment it means you save money in the long term.

Of course we want to look after the investment we have made in our solar panels. If we take some basic precautions we can keep our solar power installation running well for up to 25 years.

Protecting Solar Power Installation Perth

There are a lot of individual components in a solar power system. The systems are almost always assembles in a modular design fashion. If one module, an individual panel, an inverter, the battery, performs below spec or fails outright then the rest of the system will be affected.

Monitoring means knowing that each part of the system is working correctly, and knowing where a fault lies should something go wrong. Often monitoring will address a fault before it become serious, so you need not abruptly lose power because of something that went unnoticed.

Solar Panel Cleaning
If dust or debris accumulate on your panels they will generate less power than they should, because the sunlight isn’t reaching the panels.

It isn’t too hard to wash down the panels with a garden hose. But his should be done at the right time of day. Washing panels whist they are hot risks damage, as cold water on hot materials can cause cracks.

Have the panels washed when the sun is moderate, when the panels aren’t generating power for the day.

Regular professional cleaning is one option.

Solar Panel Maintenance

No system is immune to damage, including either regular mains power or solar installations. So thing need to be looked after.

Solar panels can shift, fuses can blow, components might rust in the outdoors, and wires occasionally degrade. Sometimes a battery storage system might be stressed from overuse.

Make sure that your solar installations is given a clean bill of health. Monitoring can be of a great help here, catching problems in their earliest stages.

Panel Hail Damage

Hail isn’t too common in Australia, but it does sometime occur during the warmer months of the year. Unfortunately there isn’t too much we can do beforehand to protect the panel on the roof. But we can check and repair and damage promptly after any storm, and have the system running again in minimal time.

Solar Energy Perth

Solar energy systems are a great investment for your home. And with less maintenance than you would give your car the system will run for years, providing super cheap energy for your home.