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There are many large scale solar farms being installed in Australia, North Ballerat and the Badgingarra Solar Farm are two notable examples. These aim to either replace or add to the electricity presently generated by coal or gas. and they will become operational over the next few years.

Yet while these are genuine solar power systems there are limitations. For one thing the power is supplied through the main electrical grid, so consumers still pay for the power in the conventional manner. The other thing is that the potential benefits of the systems (more power) is held back by the limitations of the present transmission system; the present network of wires cannot run and distribute all of this new power, at least not yet. So the power being generated cannot reach all the consumers.

The inclusion of more solar power systems (or wind generated power systems) is a definite plus for the environment, but this is largely wasted if the network is not able to get the power to where it is needed.

The distribution problem is something that home solar power system manage to bypass.

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A solar system on a private home has many advantages. One salient feature is that the power is generated onsite. The power that the solar panels produce on the roof is used downstairs in the household. There is no issue with storing or transporting the power — it is right there on the private property.

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Solar batteries are needed if the power generated during the day is to be used at night. This is not too difficult to implement. As long as the system is designed well, if the battery has sufficient energy capacity and is not prone to overheat, then the system will run by itself. There is almost no need for maintenance, and the consumer can largely forget where the power is coming from.

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A Home solar power system makes your independent from the main power grid. Once installed the home solar system will provide many years of electrical power for your household, with little maintenance.

Solar is safe and reliable, and helps maintain the environment.