Something for Nothing  

Something for Nothing – Commercial Solar Power Perth

There are a few advertisements on the internet that claim you can get free solar panels for your home. Of course most people are suspicious of such claims. Nobody gives away anything for free; everybody is looking to make a profit, or at least a living from their services. So what is the catch for this free solar power?

For the most part the word ‘free’ refers to the installation cost. Some companies will install solar panels and then lease their use to the home owner. So this is not really free – this is a form of renting. You continue to pay money for the use of panels, up to 25 years after they are installed. What happens if you later decide to sell the house might be complex.

There are a few government schemes to provide ostensibly free solar to a few very low income houses in a few isolated areas. But this does not apply to the vast majority of people in Australia. And the few low income households that are eligible will lose their low income household rebate for 10 years. So they end up paying at least a little more in tax.

Solar Power Installation Perth

Very few households are eligible for this type of benefit. But almost any household will benefit from a decent solar power system. There are legitimate government rebates in most areas, up to $2,200, which lowers the installation cost. And once installed the electrical power is free, so you start saving money. you can easily expect 20 years worth of solar power, with minimal maintenance, with a well designed solar system.