Sustainable Solar

Solar Energy Perth 

Solar energy is important because is it our best renewable energy source. Most other sources of energy such a oil and gas are being steadily used up and will not last forever. A few other sources of energy are renewable, such as wind and hydro. But these cannot be fitted to an individual household. And they have their own disadvantages. Wind power is controversial because of the vibrations that may affect human health. Hydro-power uses dams that have a huge impact on the environment, affecting fish migration and the local ecosystem. Still, some use of these sources is justifiable.

By contrast solar power on a home produces its energy locally, so there is little lost in transportation. And if the components of a solar system are recycled then there is minimal pollution.

Commercial Solar Installer Perth

The cost of solar power has decreased over the years. This is partly because improving technology has made solar panels more efficient, so we need fewer panels to produce the same amount of energy. And because the mass production of solar equipment also reduces the total cost.