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There are occasional reports the news about fires caused by faulty solar installations. These reports are misleading, because while the problems do occur they are in fact quite rare. There are far more frequent problems caused by other energy sources. Solar is safe by comparison, and completely safe if the installation is done correctly.

Solar panels are energy efficient and cost effective, needing only sunshine and occasional maintenance to provide energy for several decades. Beyond the long term cost saving for the individual home the solar panels are beneficial for the environment because they do not use natural resources.

But as with any technology from cars to computers it is possible for a poorly designed or poorly installed system to cause problems.

Solar panels need to be installed properly. On the rare occasion when a solar panel roof fire occurs it has been traced back to wiring that has been poorly installed.
Badly manufactured panels do unfortunately exist. Government legislation is designed to prevent the import of these substandard panels into Australia, but the products do exist in some parts of the world.
A few fires have been traced to DC isolators on the roof of homes. This appears to be a combination of substandard DC isolators and the harsh weather conditions that they are exposed to on the roof. quality DC isolators that are installed inside the building appear to be quite safe.
Lithium-Ion batteries, both in home solar systems and other application, can cause problems if not well ventilated. This has occurred in everything from mobile phones to travel luggage. But a well designed and adequately ventilated Lithum-Ion battery is safe. Other type of battery do not appear to pose any risk.

The trend towards installing solar panels had an unfortunate side-effect. In the rush to install panels many cheap and nasty installers provided poor quality systems that we assembled in a hurry, comprised of substandard parts. These are the cause of any solar problems.

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Solar energy is the most promising option for the future. But we should never compromise on the quality of a solar installation. Talk to West coast Solar and be assured of a solar energy system that provides cheap, safe electrical power for years to come.