Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Solar Installation

Installing solar energy devices can benefit industrial and commercial businesses. They can be installed in business or factory roofs, or on the ground right on their premises. Many companies and business establishments have large or should I say expansive roof areas.

We don’t only supply and install solar panels, we understand that having commercial solar panels up the roof of our business buildings is not enough to optimize energy. There are more things to be done. At west Coast Solar, we include and blend several energy technologies into one package, in other words, just a single package for a power-generation solution.

Businesses use solar power to minimize our energy cost. With that being said, we offer many and various solar technology alternatives. Using these technologies will greatly reduce reliance on electric power which is the main source of power until solar came to the picture. With the correct combination of technologies to be installed, your business site can greatly reduce and even eradicate dependence on the grid. Ultimately, becoming self-sufficient with regards to energy.

 Cost of Commercial Solar Installation

The total installation costs will depend how powerful the system you need, your location, and the size of the system. However, we have a rough estimate that’ll let you get a good idea of the current costs.

The first thing you have to decide is how large of a system you need to generate the adequate energy levels that you to run everything in your home. You should take a look at your last energy bill to see your average daily and monthly usage. Your energy usage will be listed in kilowatt hours (kWh). It’s a given, larger households or properties will generally require about 5kW to support energy needs. That kind of set up can generate between 18 and 25-kilowatt hours of equivalent electricity on a daily basis.