Solar Panel Installation Perth

Solar Panel Installation Perth

Looking for solar panel installation in Perth? Listen as we discuss about it.

Solar Panel Tilt

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Solar panels are usually installed at an angle. They are installed with a tilt rather than installed horizontally. This is to give them the optimal angle towards the Sun, thereby optimizing the power they produce.

The optimal angle of a solar panel depends on the latitude, the distance from the equator. Ideally the panel should be at a right angle to the Sun. This allows the panel to produce the maximum amount of power during good weather. Of course the Sun will be in a different position during the day, so the panel cannot always be in the perfect position. And the sun will also be at a different position in summer and winter. But it is still possible to set up a panel so that it is in a fairly good position for most of the day, during most of the year.

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In Perth, Sydney, and other cities of similar latitude, the best tilt for a solar panel system is about 30 degrees, facing north. This angle does not have to be exact as a slight variation will only cause a small decrease in total power. Often the panels are simply installed so that they are at the same angle as the roof of the building.

A commercial Solar System will generate 10% to 15% lower energy when the Sun is not quite at the right angle. But this is still more than adequate for most needs. The solar battery system will store energy produced during the sunniest part of the day, with a fair (but slightly lower) amount of additional energy produced during the rest of the day.

It is possible to install tilt frames to optimize the angle of the solar panel system. But this will add to the solar panel cost. In many circumstances this additional cost is not really justified. It is more cost effective to simply install an extra panel or two to increase the total amount of energy produced.