Questions for Solar Energy Providers.

Questions for Solar Energy Providers.

Solar energy has always been beneficial, at least in terms of convenience, immunity from power shortages, and reducing environmental impact. But in the past the cost was high. Now, improving technology has made the commercial solar installation easier to achieve and less expensive. But we should be wary of using the wrong solar energy providers.

There are some questions you should ask of any commercial solar system installer.

What do They Use?

What solar system do they use themselves? if they really believe in the benefits of solar power systems then the solar companies should install and use a system themselves.


What size system should I use for my home/business. This is a little more complex than just looking at your past power consumption. Your energy consumption will vary during Summer and Winter. It may increase over time as your home uses more. You might want to sell excess energy back to the main grid. and even the angle of the roof (how it is angled towards the Sun) is an important factor.

Licencing and Experience

Are they qualified and insured? Do they have experience? how long have they been in the business? And are they going to subcontract? Make sure you have the right people working on your home system.

The Roof

Will they make a detailed inspection of the roof? This is a safety issue, and also important if we are to make sure the solar panels are angled for optimal efficency. And a good quality installation should not have issues with leaking holes in the roof.
Occasionally a roof may need to be replaced.

What if the System Under performs?

If you are not getting the energy you require, will they add more solar panels free of charge, or replace the solar battery storage system? Perhaps they will reimburse you.

What about expansion?

What happen if you need to upgrade? You family grows, the house is extended, or you add air conditioning?
Can you expand your system, or will you need to replace it?


There may be a warranty for workmanship, and another for the actual products installed. One warranty may not cover you for all situations. The installers might do a fine job of installing a battery that fails because of a manufacturing or design fault. Who covers this?
Beware of an installer who only honour the warranty if they service the system themselves every year or two. The system should be maintenance free for at least five years.

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