iStore Energy Storage

iStore Energy Storage

A commercial solar system will almost always have some means of storing energy. The energy gathered from the solar panels during the day is stored for later use at night. Until recently this energy was stored in a solar battery system. But a modern alternative is iStore energy storage.
An iStore system stores energy as hot water under high pressure. This method is about 80% more efficient than electricity or gas. It basically extracts heat from the air. This method is especially effective in Australia’s hot climate.

Why Hot water storage

All homes use hot water. This can account for about 25% of the total electrical energy. A typical family house will use about 14 kilowatts of energy for this hot water heating. By comparison, iStore can achieve the same results using only 4 kilowatts. This means cheaper hot water.
Previously, excess energy from solar panels could be sold back to the main power grid. Anything beyond the energy used during the day, and for charging the battery, was excess. Now, any excess is used for iStore hot water. This is cheaper than energy kept in solar batteries and used to create hot water latter on.
As an added bonus, the lower energy use means lower carbon emissions. And this means less damage to the planet.

iStore Energy Storage Installation

It is a simple matter to add iStore to a commercial solar system. This gives cheaper hot water year round, without use of the main electrical grid.

Where a solar battery will have a life of about five to ten years the iStore system should last for many decades. This longer operation life works out cheaper in the long term. It also benefits the ecosystem. You won’t have to replace the technology for many years.
iStore is an Australian owned and built system. It is designed to work well in this country’s hotter weather. Government payments help reduce the cost of iStore.