Optimising for Commerial Solar use.

Optimizing for a Commercial solar system
If we have recently purchased a commercial solar installation, or if we are weighing up the options for a purchase in the near future, then we probably like to compare the performance of commercial solar power systems to conventional ‘from the grid’ power.

The situation varies considerably depending on whether or not we have a solar battery storage system. Some people just use solar during the day, and rely on the power grid during the night. This is not a bad option, but we can often forget how much energy is used overnight. Obviously things like the fridge must be kept on. But often we overlook the hot water system, and don’t realize how much energy we use for heating or cooling in the winter or summer.

Hot water Systems
Most of us have a hot water system that activates in the early, still dark, hours of the morning. This is obviously long before the Sun is up, so it is not something than can be charged by solar power (not without a solar battery system, anyhow).
People don’t realize that hot water use a lot of energy. Expect about 3kw hours for this heating. And this is being charged by the main power grid, which costs us money.
If we arrange to have the hot water heated during the day we can use solar power, and this is a considerable energy saving.

Consider installing Istore, a system that stores energy as hot water for later use.

Home Heating and Air Conditioning.
These are also very energy heavy. And if we heat or air condition at night then we will be paying a lot of money over time.
We can save money here by installing good insulation in the home. This means a more stable environment will less use of the heater or cooling devices.
Use of devices like electric blankets use less energy than air conditioners. We should not need these overnight.

Use of Household Appliances
if we use appliances during the day then we can save money as they energy comes from the solar power rather than the main electrical grid.

• Pool pumps. Use these during the day.
• Washing machines. Use during the day.
• Clothes driers. Outside drying is preferable. But daytime use of driers during wet conditions is cheaper during the day.
• Charging devices – this is fairly low energy. But best charged during the day.

Obviously it is best to use energy efficient devices, especially for fridge and freezers. Look at the ‘star rating’ when purchasing new devices.

Solar battery Perth
The use of a solar battery storage system means that any excess energy generated during the day can be used to power the home at night. This means not having to use the main grid.