FAQ Solar Battery Perth

FAQ Solar Battery Perth

The solar battery system is essential for any commercial solar system, being used to store the energy collected during the day for use latter on.
The FAQ Solar Battery Perth
What does the solar battery system look like?
A solar batteries used for a domestic home look like a small fridge or hot water system. They need some space to allow for cooling. Larger capacity batteries are usually larger in size, though this depends on the technology.

Are batteries in a commercial Solar system safe? There have been some bad reports.
The actual batteries are as safe as any electrical system. Some would say they are safer than gas or other technology.
A poorly installed battery, either without adequate ventilation, or too small to handle the electrical requirements of the rest of the system, can be a problem.

Batteries must be installed correctly.
Systems must be designed to meet power requirements.
Can I go off the main power Grid?
We strongly recommend staying on the grid for two reasons:
– You can use the grid as a backup if the solar system runs low, say during a cold winter night.
– You can sell electricity back to the grid when you have a surplus.
Which battery is best for me?
The options are:
Lithium-ion: These are compact and store a fairly high amount of energy.
But they require ventilation, and are slightly expensive.
Lead Acid: These are reliable and moderately prices, being older technology. They are also low maintenance. They have reasonable energy capacity.
Lead acid battery systems are large, and require some ventilation.
Other options include nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride and flow batteries.

How long do the battery systems last?

Batteries last 5 – 10 years, perhaps longer.
After this time the technology will have improved, so any replacement battery will probably give even better performance.
The solar system will last at least 20 years, longer than the battery.

What affects battery performance?
Continual or very heavy use will affect the battery life.
High and low temperatures will effect battery performance. But this is not usually an issue in Australia, unless in very cold (snowy) conditions. Solar Battery Perth wide should not be affect much by weather.

What about recycling?
The batteries contain some metals that are valuable, but dangerous if mishandled. Each type of battery will need to be recycled in a different way.

Solar Power Systems Perth
A solar system provides electrical energy for your home, so you need only use the main electrical system for backup. This is the way of the future.