Installing Solar Batteries


Installing Solar Battery System
The battery is an essential part of any commercial solar system. It stores the energy gathered from the solar panels during the day for use later on. While it is possible to install a system without a battery for daytime lighting this is of very limited use for most homes or businesses.  Installing Solar Batteries is essential if the power is to be used a night time.


There has been some media concern about the safety of solar systems. A few low quality installations have been a fire hazard; this is always tied to a low quality or poorly installed battery. When Solar Companies correctly install a battery of appropriate capacity for the solar system, so that there is no danger of overcharging, then there is no real safety issue.
For any solar battery Perth ensure that:
• The battery has enough capacity for the solar system.
• The battery has enough capacity to supply the household needs.
• The battery is well ventilated.
• A high quality battery is used.

Electronic monitoring of the battery ensures optimal performance and safety.
The demand upon a solar battery in the average household is considerable. And the battery will eventually need replacing, perhaps upgrading. A decent battery should last for 10 years, perhaps longer.
A retrofitted battery or newly installed system should be a neat and tidy affair. Installing Solar Batteries is a serious matter, but the results look good and function well for years with minimal maintenance.




Solar Battery Perth
All building projects require safe installation. This includes any commercial solar system. The battery is of particular importance as a low quality product or a poorly ventilated installation can be a fire hazard.
Make sure to use a reputable solar installer in Perth. And be guaranteed a safe installation that provides years’ worth of inexpensive electrical energy.