Solar and the Environment


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Almost everybody is familiar with the idea that energy from solar panels is better for the environment than energy from most other sources. A solar system that is already up and running will not put any bad chemicals into the environment, so using these instead of fossil fuels or wood will greatly reduce pollution, especially CO2 and other greenhouse gasses.
But it is easy to make an oversight here. The components of a solar system must be manufactured before they are installed. And the manufacture process may be producing greenhouse gasses and other pollution. Furthermore, the components of the solar system will eventually be replaced. The old components must be disposed of in a responsible manner, just as plastics and rare metals must be recycled. Some solar panels contain chemicals like sulfuric acid, cadmium, and phosphine gas, which are tricky to recycle.
It is a sad irony that very early solar panels created a lot of pollution in the manufacture process. But the changes in panel design and the manufacturing techniques meant that the industry steadily improved, so that solar battery system and panels produced less and less environmental damage.
Of course there is still the matter of disposing of the materials of old solar systems. Today’s systems will need to upgraded or replaced in about 20 years’ time. The recycling and safe disposal task is not impossible, but is will be an extremely large endeavour. We should probably start planning for it today.

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Solar panels with solar battery storage gives independence from the electrical grid. This means few, if any, power bills, and immunity to blackouts.
Solar technology is steadily improving, and promises to be one of the least harmful sources of energy. But a recycling programme for the older technology will be needed.