Some Solar Power System Basics

A commercial solar system is a great way to power your home without using the main electrical grid, and it can save money in the long term.
The general public cannot be expected to understand all the technical details of a commercial solar power, but it is not too hard to understand the basic terms and principles.

Commercial Solar Perth
Solar systems consist of several main parts. There are several roof mounted panels that gather energy from the Sun. This energy is stored in a solar battery system for later use. The energy in this solar battery storage is converted by an inverter into the type of AC power that is used in the home.
Solar companies can also set up the system so that it feeds energy back into the power grid, which earns the household a small amount of profit.
There are many variations on this basic general solar system.

Inverters and Micro-inverters
Many solar systems will use one large invertor to convert the energy from the battery to the type of energy used at the home power point. However, it is also possible to use a small micro-invertor for each solar panel. This offers an advantage when some solar panels receive more sunlight than others, as each convertor can work optimally with the energy provided form its own dedicated panel. It also means that if one panel or invertor fails the rest can continue on unaffected.

Solar Panels Perth
This is the roof mounted surface that gathers energy from the Sun. Commercial panels are presently about 20% efficient, which means that they convert about 20% of the energy they receive into solar power. Experimental solar panels of higher efficiency do exist, but these are far too expensive for home use.
Solar panels are installed at an angle so as to best catch the rays of the Sun.
Solar panels do not last forever. Their performance slowly decreases as they age. After 20 years a panel that was originally 20% efficient will only work at 16% efficient.

Requirements of Solar Packages Perth
The average household will use at least a 5kW solar system. Larger homes may require more.
The rating of the battery storage in a solar system may be higher than the rating of the invertor. This is because not all of the energy stored in the battery is used at once.

Commercial Solar Installer Perth
Solar Companies should provide at least 5 years warranty. We provide continual support for all our installations.
The government provides fairly good rebates for solar power systems, significantly reducing the cost for the consumer. A 5kw solar system, suitable for the average home, will receive about a $3000.oo rebate.