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Best Solar Panels Perth
There was some discussion about solar energy before the last election, with claims that the east coast of Australia could learn a few things from the Solar systems being installed in and around Perth.

Public Interest in Change
More than 200,000 Perth homes have started using a commercial solar system. This is about 22% of the popular, a lower percentage than in South Australia or Queensland, but one that is catching up rapidly.
Part of the reason for the popularity of Solar is obvious- Perth residents presently cannot choose their own power company retailer, only larger businesses have a choice. This means a commercial solar power system is the only other option, one that provides independence from the government provider.
Another reason is that WA will not be part of the National grid anytime soon.

Resilience and Micro grids
Western Australia works with micro grids rather than one large main grid. This means smaller electrical systems all providing for different regions of the country. If one fails, the rest are unaffected. There is little change of a state wide blackout unless every single micro grid fails.
This resilience is further improved with a solar battery system in each home. An individual home can easily work independently from the main grid if there is solar power system installed.
Skills and Labourers
There appears to be no skills shortage for installing electrical or solar systems. This should not be much of an issue.
Western Australia manages to combine state government support for technology with a strong network on local experts. Solar companies can do well with new innovations and increasing home installation.

Solar Power Systems Perth
A decent solar system means cheaper electricity and independence from any local blackouts. In the space of a few years the saving on electrical costs will cover the money invested in the solar system