Saving Energy, and Money

Electricity bills in Australia seem to keep climbing. Some claim this is due to privatization of the some electrical power systems, but this is misleading. Privatization varies between states, and while some states with privatization have the highest annual running cost (i.e.: South Australia) other states with privatization had a lower than average running cost (i.e.: Victoria, ACT).
Western Australia’s electric power for virtually every home is supplied by the government owned company Synergy. The only exception is solar powered home, which can still use the Synergy Company as a backup. Large industrial companies have a few other option for their power.
Western Australia’s electrical energy cost look to be slowly increasing over time. They are predicted to be amongst the most expensive in the country.

Saving power and Money
There are a few ways to lower electrical consumption. For homes on the main power grid this will mean saving money. For those using solar power, it may mean less demand on the solar system and battery storage. This will make minimal difference for any decent sized solar system which will provide plenty of power for the average home.

LED Lights
Light Emitting Diode lights (LEDs) can save money compared to other types of light. LEDs are an old technology, but they have massively increases in efficiency over the years. A decent quality LED bulb will easily replace an old fashioned incandescent bulb or a fluoro light.
Where an old incandescent bulb uses about $16.oo worth of power per year an LED light uses about $6.oo. This saves about $10.oo per year, though the LED bulb may cost more. Still, LEDs are coming down in price.
Look for an LED light that has the same luminance (brightness) as you old bulb. LED lights can achieve the same brightness with a lower wattage, hence the power saving.
Avoid LED lights with too much blue light. This is found to be harmful to eyes and cause sleep disruption.

The television can chew up a lot of power. Plasma televisions were notorious for raising power bills, though these type of televisions are becoming less common.
Cathode ray television aren’t too bad. These are the old style of televisions.
LED/LCD and OLED televisions have moderately lower power ratings, and good quality pictures.
Look for a television with a 4 or 5 star power rating. Even a lower wattage rating is a good indicator of a television that is cheaper to run.

Solar Power Systems Perth
The best way to save money on power bills is to have a solar power system installed.
The initial solar panel cost, with battery storage and inverter, will be a worthy investment. You will generally not have to pay for other power in the future, so you will be immune to increases in electricity costs, and will not have to worry about city blackouts.