Myths and Solar Panels

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Myth: Solar panels will damage my roof
Truth: Solar panels become part of the building. The roof is changed, but not compromised in any way. There is still structural integrity.

Myth: Solar panels make Noise.
Truth: Solar panels are silent, and power inverters make almost no noise, perhaps some quiet humming.

Myth: Solar Panels are expensive.
Truth: Solar panels receive a government subsidy. And they save money in the long term because you use far less power form the grid.
The best solar panels are cheaper and more efficient now than ever before.

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Myth: Solar energy is not sufficient in my area, solar panels don’t work in cold areas.
Truth: Solar panels can work anywhere that has some sunlight, even in wintry weather. So unless you are living in the Arctic Circle there is a way to use solar energy.
Areas of the world like Utah USA, and Germany, have moderate amounts of sunlight, yet they make great use of solar energy systems. The design in bright areas will be different to the systems used in cooler, less sunny areas, but there is still solar energy and it can be used.
Most of Australia has ideal weather conditions for solar power, and even the cooler, less ideal areas can use solar power.

Myth: Solar Panels and nor permitted in some areas, like where I live.
Truth: You will need a permit from the local council or the equivalent, but almost any area will permit solar panels, as long as things are done professionally.

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Myth: Solar panels require maintenance.
Fact: Solar panel systems will last for decades with little maintenance. They need to be cleaned periodically, but this is as easy as cleaning a window on the roof.
The battery may need replacing once every 10 years, but this is about the only replacement needed. A solar panel system will last longer than the average car.