Proposed Rebates for solar energy Perth

The best price solar panels become even less expensive with a government rebate.

Solar panel cost will be reduced by $2000.oo if the labour party win this year’s federal election.  The party intends to offer rebates for up to 100,000 households. This is part of an ambitious plan to reduce emissions by 45%, a plan that also includes wind and hydroelectric projects along with the solar incentives. This is a much larger series of changes, aiming at a larger emission reduction, than the policy offered by the liberal party.

Part of this proposed plan looks at increased solar battery storage. It is believed that by storing more energy in a solar battery system during the day the consumers will later use less power from the electrical grid during peak power times. Households can use stored solar energy for air conditioners or heater in the evening, depending on the weather and season.

There are some limits on who is eligible for the rebate. The household must have a gross income of under $180,000. And the rebate is offered at $500.oo per kilowatt hour of Solar battery system capacity, capped at a maximum of $2000.oo per household. Only one system per household is covered by the rebate.

Many consumers will not be familiar with the technical requirements. Solar companies can advise on the best system for any particular household. A 4 kilowatt hour should give the full $2000.oo rebate, though some households do well to make use of the rebate to install a system that suits their requirements.

Solar installer in Perth

A solar panels specialist can advise on the best solar panels and solar battery system for any household. The solar battery storage will allow use of electrical power without resorting to the mina power grid. This means a steady saving on electrical bills and a considerable benefit for the environment.