Legitimate System or Scam

Solar power systems Perth

A solar powered energy system can be a great investment. It saves a lot of money when power comes from the Sun, and it’s less harmful to the environment. But not all systems are equal, and as with any industry there are some scam sale people who exploit the unsuspecting.

Door-to-door salespeople are a rather unpredictable source of information and products. There are a few well informed individuals who sell products to the public, but there are also people who simply want to sell an item to get a commission on the sale. And there are a few salespeople who simply get their facts wrong.

Inverters in a solar system Perth

One sales trick it to quote the size of the power inverter rather than the power of the total solar system. But this is very misleading. The inverter is the device that takes the DC power from the solar cells and converts it to the AC power used it the home. It is a little like the gearbox in a car. It is not much use having a large and fancy gearbox if you don’t have an engine large enough to power it.

The solar panel systems should be giving enough power to do the inverter justice.

Expand later solar panel installation Perth

Some sellers encourage you to buy a large inverter with the idea that you can add more solar panels latter on. But this is a mistake. Solar panel technology changes rapidly, with new model panels quickly replacing current technology. It will be difficult to add to your solar panels in the future because any new panels tend to be not compatible with the older models. 

Solar systems tend to be replaced rather than upgraded, though exceptions do occur.

Long lasting Solar packages Perth

Many claim that a solar system will last 20 years, which is close to the truth. After 20 years the panels will still run at 80% power, and that will be acceptable. But the battery that stores the power will not last that long. Expect to replace the battery after 10 years. Though the replacement battery may be higher capacity that the earlier solar battery storage technology.

Hidden cost of solar panels Perth prices

This is a problem with all building industries. The initial price quote seems quite good, but they later charge you for something they didn’t mention earlier on.

Get quotes in writing, and read the fine print. A 10% deposit is normal.

The long wait for solar companies installation.

Make sure the installation is within a month or two months at the most. We don’t see the logical reason for delaying, but companies will do this. And it is a gross inconvenience.

Solar panels Perth Prices

Don’t be swindled. Get a well suited solar system for your home and enjoy cheaper power for years to come.