Best Solar Panels

Solar energy Perth Solar panels have been steadily increasing in efficiency over the years. Efficiency refers to how much energy a solar panel can produce. A solar panel exposed to sunlight will produce a certain amount of power. The more power it produces the more efficient it is. A more efficient solar system means more power produced with fewer solar panels. This is a cost saving in many respects. Because the system is more efficient it can produce more usable power, so there is less need to use other power sources. And because the system is small in size, because there are less physical panels on the roof, it is less expensive to install. Of course, more efficient solar panels are presently more expensive, but prices steadily come down over time. To completely understand efficiency ratings we would need to understand the physics behinds energy. But the simple explanations is that solar panels convert energy form the Sun. The amount of energy that they produce divided by the amount of energy they receive from the Sun is their efficiency rating. It is not difficult to make solar panels with about 16% efficiency. 22% is considered fairly high efficiency. Some cutting edge research has produced panels of 44.5% efficiency, but this will not be available for consumer use for some time. Best solar panels Perth Solar panels can provide large amount of energy for a home or other building. They require fairly little maintenance, and are quite long lasting. They will not need replace for about 20 years. The storage battery may need to be replaced after 10 years, though some last up to 15 years.