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Get our Best Solar Power Battery Storage System for Long Lasting Standby

Solar Power system is best way to get abundant supply of energy that is installed with giant batteries to store the power for future use. You need a proper system of Solar Battery Storage in Perth and West Coast Solar comes to serve you.

We determine the power usage of the home & then install the solar power system along with Solar Battery System in Perth.

Our certified & approved experts with CEC Licensing make us more prominent & customers believe on our products and services. We claim that no one strikes better prices than our company. We install the batteries of best brands that come up with the manufacture warranty. Moreover, our services are guaranteed up to 2 years. What we offer comprises of both budgeted and premium components.

No subcontractors – Direct Dealing with the Public

The feature supports us to work closely with the clients and hear the problems, issues and suggestions directly from them. The collaboration creates a long term relation with the employees.

We deliver the best value against the money in the form of Solar Battery Installation in Perth. Get in touch with us and see how efficient our system to help you out. Make an appointment and we do everything within a specific time.