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West Coast Solar offer solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage systems to residential customers and commercial business in Western Australia. We also offer solar engineering design, utility approval and installation services.


Our Services


Grid connected solar system installation ….


Detailed Feasibility study with system design, energy …


6.36 kW Tier 1 Premium Qcell QPRO G4.1 Solar ….

We Install the Best Solar System in Perth at fair price

West Coast Solar visions to deliver the solar panel & power system at a fair price. The only objective of the company is to sell and supply quality systems and to make it practically possible, we have a team of Solar Specialist in Perth. They are all time ready to facilitate you.

The company has tailored all services to make sure everyone get the right system and thus ranked as best among all Solar Companies in Perth. We want to grow and be a market leader by following the path of honesty and excellence serving.

Minimising the cost & maximising the value to create a strong relation with customers is the main goal of West Coast Solar. We are licensed House Technicians and make sure the right Solar panel installation in Perth.

Our solar panel specialists in Perth analyse the whole sight and examine the power house of the need. These solar panels are perfect alternative to any other power supply system. It cost one time and then you enjoy permanent relief and reduces the cost of the overall bills. With 5 years of experience, we confirm successful Solar Installation in Perth with the right tools to bring the most advanced form of energy supply.

Our company is CEC licensed & approved and so clients have a trust on our services and hire the service of Solar Panel in Perth without any hassle and trouble. Enjoy a fully quality insured solar panel systems with an instant installation backed by 2 year warranty service guarantee.

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